Calgary City Centre

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    Cadillac Fairview Corporation

  • Architect

    Ziedler BKDI Architects

  • General Contractor

    PCL Construction


Calgary City Center Mixed Use Office and Retail is a soon to be 36 storey, 990,000 sq.ft. office tower with five levels of underground parking and two levels of retail across from Eau Claire Market in downtown Calgary. It will be interconnected to the rest of Calgary with indoor, above ground +15 walkway system to both the Livingston and Jamieson buildings. Calgary City Center is situated on the east half of the city block with a mixed-use tower being planned for the adjacent site, which will be interconnected with more than just a +15 Walkway. Electrically, Calgary City Center will take advantage of occupancy sensor technology to conserve power, as well as a destination dispatch elevators and a digital metering system to maximize efficiency. The project is set to achieve a minimum of LEED Platinum New Construction.