Devon Canada

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    Devon Canada

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    MartensGroup Licensed Interior Design Studio

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    Lignum Interiors Inc.


Tenant improvement of over 480,000 sq.ft. of office space in Devon Tower, includes reception, enclosed offices, meeting rooms, serveries, wiring closets, file storage rooms, elevator lobbies, washrooms, interconnecting stairs, conference and training facilities, a fitness facility, data centre and mail room.
The project also included movable partition wall systems, for which we designed “plug and play” power and communications systems. This“plug and play” design allows for diverse flexibility to make partition layout changes simple and inexpensive compared to traditional fixed partition systems.
The lighting design incorporated energy efficient linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent and LED light sources. Lighting control was via the base building low voltage relay lighting control system.
Design of the communications system included layout of the wiring closet on each floor and horizontal cabling from the wiring closet to consolidation points throughout the floor. Vertical copper and fiber interconnects from floor to floor and to the data centre were also included. The consolidation points were connected to the workstation outlets for both voice and data through “plug and play” transition cables.
The data centre design included:
A pre-action fire suppression system complete with a fire alarm control panel integrated into the base building fire alarm system for both alarm and smoke control. Multiple UPS systems which provided redundant power supplies to the server equipment. Server racks with in-row cooling, serviced by a small chiller plant integrated with the building tenant cooling system. Interconnecting communications cabling infrastructure between server racks.