Lethbridge College High Voltage Network Master Plan

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    Lethbridge College

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    DA Electric


We were engaged to formulate a complete medium voltage Network Master Plan in 2007 in conjunction with the Lethbridge College Building Master Plan.To allow this, there was a complete review, condition report and recommendations for the medium voltage network distribution for the campus. An assessment of equipment, cables and connections, detailing expected life analysis and existing safety concerns were conducted. This included preparation of initial budget estimates and high level schedule for the replacement of these systems and anticipating future growth and expansion capabilities.After our evaluation of the high voltage distribution systems we recommended that all the remaining load break elbows be removed and some of the cable systems be replaced with new cables. The new cable systems passed through the un-used manholes and permanent connections, and were able to be accessed through the existing manholes. In all locations the elbows were removed and an above grade ‘pad mounted’ switching cubicle was installed.The switching cubicle facilitated the isolation points for the ring system and for the individual buildings they feed. The above grade switches provide an easy access for both maintenance and emergency situations combined with a safer environment for staff to operate this equipment. The number of cubicles was consolidated to a minimum to reduce connections, thus reducing the risk to the integrity of the system.