Southwood Seniors Care Centre

Project Info

  • Project Date

    Currently in Preliminary Design Stage

  • Category

    Healthcare + Seniors Residences

  • Owner

    Intercare Corporate Group

  • Architect

    Zeidler BKDI Architect


Southwood Care Centre is along term assisted living residency for senior citizens. This facility has 202 private and semi-private rooms, 24 private hospice beds, and 23 private rooms making up the special care unit. This facility is currently undergoing a renovation to the existing fire protection system to include sprinkler fire protection. Our scope of work is to ensure the existing fire alarm system is modified correctly as to accommodate for the new sprinkler addition, and monitoring the sprinkler system to ensure a safe environment for the residents and staff. We are installing a fire alarm module which will constantly monitor the dry pipe sprinkler system. These modules will provide feedback to the main fire alarm panel if any abnormalities occur within the new sprinkler system, and provide an alert to the maintenance staff via an alert tone, LED lights, and text notifications on an LCD display panel.