Livingston Place


Livingston Place Mixed Use Office and Retail consists of twin 22-storey towers and three levels of underground parkade totaling 1.2 million sq.ft. The building is connected by the +15 walkway system and boasts one of the largest ground level plazas in Calgary with an impressive exterior lighting design. With fitness, conference and retail components, the building allows its users the flexibility of a self-contained environment.

TransCanada Tower


TransCanada Tower Mixed Use Office and Retail is a 1,000,000 sq.ft., 36-storey office tower with a 560 stall parkade. The tower features twin 800kW natural gas generators and a single 800kW diesel generator synchronized together and to the utility bus to support critical systems.

Palliser South


Palliser South Mixed Use Office, Retail and Medical is a 300,000 sq.ft., 18-storey office tower located in Calgary’s Beltline area. The newest edition to the historic Palliser Complex, the building is linked to the +15 system and is adjacent to the iconic Calgary Tower. The building is complemented with medical and retail units.
Unique design features included low profile base building lighting fixtures with integral occupancy sensors and mechanical systems largely servers from the central mechanical plant. Being located in the flood plain, Palliser South was one of the first buildings to haven an electrical vault above grade.

Millenium Tower

Millennium Tower

A 440,000 sq.ft., 24-storey Mixed Use Office and Retail tower with a 272 stall parkade constructed in 2000 and currently managed by Oxford Properties. This project was designed out of Toronto, however we managed the construction and directed the design development in Calgary to ensure the building worked well in Calgary’s environment. The building uses two parallel natural gas generators for tenant critical loads and demand limiting.

Jamieson Place


Jamieson Place Mixed Use Office and Retail consists of a 240,000 sq.ft. underground parkade and a 890,000 sq.ft, 38-storey office building in downtown Calgary. Jamieson Place has a 26,000 sq.ft. public winter garden, and a conference centre and fitness facility for the exclusive use of tenants. The building is linked via Calgary’s extensive +15 walkway. With the inclusion of retail spaces, the building stands as self-servicing.

Centennial Place


Centennial Place Mixed Use Office, Retail and Medical is a 1.2 million sq.ft., two tower office complex with 5-levels of underground parking and 2-levels of retail located near Eau Claire in downtown Calgary. The electrical design was completed exclusively out of Calgary, while coordinating with mechanical and structural engineers and architects based in Toronto.

The project was initially planned to be a LEED Silver design, but has evolved to become a LEED Gold New Construction design project. Electrical innovations that contributed to this LEED application included a very efficient lighting design, extensive use of motion sensor lighting control, multiple paralleled biofuel generator system and digital metering. With expansive main floor and plus fifteen components, the building boasts retail and medical elements.



The complete tenant improvement of Shell Centre, comprising of 650,000 sq.ft. of tenant space. Complete with meeting spaces, storage areas, amenities, server rooms, circulation spaces, executive suites, conference centres, training areas, security rooms, facilities areas, data centre, etc.

The design incorporated: power distribution design for normal, isolated ground, emergency and UPS systems, with coordination and arc flash studies, safety of design remains paramount in all of our designs. In conjunction with the power distribution design, the grounding systems were carefully considered to ensure both safety and the integrity of the system prevent interference to other systems.

Lighting and lighting control remains a significant component of the design for aesthetic and functional application. Energy efficiency and usability were considered for the design to ensure longevity of the lighting combined with maintenance which gave a full lighting review.

As part of the space security systems, the access control systems incorporated duress, CCTV, door access and control, intercom and visitor management systems. Other low tension systems that were designed included the communications systems. Within the communications systems design, the design was completed for the infrastructure for both copper and fibre, wiring closets, sub distribution frames for both voice and data systems. All design for communications systems were carried out under the supervision of our in house RCDD.

The fire alarm system was designed to incorporate both gas suppression and pre-action systems for their data centre incorporating early staff warning systems and means for early disconnection and shut down of equipment to prevent damage. With our specialist knowledge and expertise of fire alarm systems, the two stage addressable system with audible voice and visual strobes was designed to work with the base building systems and interface with the smoke control for the building.

Eau Claire Tower

Eau Claire Tower

Located adjacent to the banks of the Bow River in downtown Calgary, this 28-storey, 645,000 sq.ft. building has completed the construction phase of a 3 million sq.ft. redevelopment. The Eau Claire Tower overlooks scenic Prince’s Island Park and is within walking distance to central businesses, dining, and shopping. The tower incorporated a number of advanced sustainable design initiatives and is registered and targeting LEED Gold certification.

m+b was responsible for the lighting design, power generation and distribution, life safety systems including fire alarm, full security and communication integration systems. The building uses I.P. based ‘smart technology’ which provides a full integration between the building control systems including access control, CCTV, lighting and building management systems, to name a few. This enhanced technology enables all systems to communicate to one another with remote monitoring/control through a web based user interface.

All lighting within the building uses LED technology with programmable lighting control system for daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing giving on/off control or dimming capabilities to each fixture.

Calgary Place


Calgary Place consists of 2 buildings, I and II. One is 31 floors and the other is 25 floors with mechanical floors. The buildings are owned by Oxford Properties. m+b is the base building engineers, we maintain all the records for the building from floor plans to power, communications, fire alarm and security riser diagrams on a regular basis. We have been involved in projects for tenant fit-outs and base building upgrades.

The buildings are over 870,000 sq.ft. between the two towers with a common space on the main and second floor and 2 parkade areas underground with a capacity over 300 stalls. The building is connected with the plus 15 bridge in 3 locations. We have also been involved in the signage design in the building for base building and retail areas.

Calgary City Centre


Calgary City Center Mixed Use Office and Retail is a soon to be 36 storey, 990,000 sq.ft. office tower with five levels of underground parking and two levels of retail across from Eau Claire Market in downtown Calgary. It will be interconnected to the rest of Calgary with indoor, above ground +15 walkway system to both the Livingston and Jamieson buildings. Calgary City Center is situated on the east half of the city block with a mixed-use tower being planned for the adjacent site, which will be interconnected with more than just a +15 Walkway. Electrically, Calgary City Center will take advantage of occupancy sensor technology to conserve power, as well as a destination dispatch elevators and a digital metering system to maximize efficiency. The project is set to achieve a minimum of LEED Platinum New Construction.