Commissioning / Verification

In both new and existing construction, building commissioning is the process of verifying, in both new and existing construction, either all or a portion of, the mechanical, electrical, fire/life safety, and interior/exterior systems are evaluated. This confirms the owner’s project requirements are designed and implemented by the building architects and engineers.

The commissioning process is a quality-focused practice for enhancing the delivery of a project. Through this process, m+b is able to verify and provide documented confirmation that the facility, its systems, and assemblies are planned, installed, tested, operated, and maintained to meet the design intent and owner’s operational needs.

We believe that commissioning is the standard in which a projects success can be measured. Through experience, m+b has learnt that the best approach to commissioning is to have a dedicated commissioning agent from m+b oversee the commissioning process at each stage of construction. This individual will ensure the work is performed by trade related specialists who are well versed in the applicable codes and standards. At m+b we have professionals in electrical, Fire Alarm, Security and IT Systems who are available to partner on any project, therefore meeting and exceeding any commissioning requirement.

At m+b we develop a commissioning plan to assist with every projects unique requirements.