Fire Alarm Design

Fire alarm systems are essential to providing a safe environment in any office towers, retail buildings, educational facilities and other buildings. The size and type of the building is the driving factor in determining the complexity of the system which is required. Our involvement in Fire Alarm design includes new buildings and retrofit projects. We ensure all Fire Alarm designs are completed to current codes and standards.

Our team of fire alarm specialists provide the level of expertise which allows us to determine the proper fire alarm system for each unique project.

When m+b starts a Fire Alarm project they assemble a team of experts. Part of the team is responsible for the generation of the design, and the another part of the team is responsible for the site coordination. We also engage a third group of experts who are dedicated to the fire alarm verification and system function test. Accurate records for all the fire alarm reports, device lists and fire alarm certificates are properly maintained for final inspections and fire alarm verification documents.

We deal directly with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure they are engaged in the functionality of the system in the early stages of design. When the project is handed to the owner, the AHJ is familiar with the system ensuring turnover of the system is convenient to the owner and the operations department.

If requested by the Owner we are able to provide documents for the required annual fire alarm system test.

m+b has been engaged in fire alarm design for many years and has seen the technology evolve. In order to maintain our level of competence in fire alarm design we ensure all our designers are kept up-to-date with the electronic changes and smart building technologies. Our team is always updated on new codes and standards ensuring all designs are compliant from the start.