The communications industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and m+b has knowledge and capability to provide our Clients with the latest technology for their project specific requirements.

m+b is an industry leader in the field of communications including, network infrastructure design with the latest copper or fiber optic standards for any size of project. We are proud to have been involved in many successful communications based projects which included data centres, call centres, high-rise backbone infrastructure, and many small/large scale tenant fit-outs.

Our design and implementation of network infrastructure can be seen in some of the most high profile buildings in downtown Calgary. Some of these buildings include Bankers Hall, BP Centre, Livingston Place, Jamieson Place, and Canterra Tower.

m+b has Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) on staff who are kept current on all new regulations and product lines, and have the expertise to handle any size or complexity of communications project.

Communication Riser Managers

As Communication Riser Managers for several high-rise towers we maintain our presence in the ever growing Calgary Skyline, and are pushing forward into the Edmonton market. Our serviced include liaison between landlords, tenants, and vendors. We ensure a successful delivery of internet and telephone communications, assuring landlords that all building standards and procedures are maintained.

m+b ensure our role as Communications Riser Manager benefits the landlord. If a building does not have a riser manager engaged, it is inevitable that the communications risers will become an entanglement of generations of accumulated cables. We work diligently on behalf of the best interests of the building to manage, document and organize new/existing communications infrastructures.

It is essential for tenants to have clean and accessible pathways for connections to their service providers. We ensure all cabling is current, allowing easy access for the tenants to get the access they require. If building risers are plugged with obsolete cabling, tenants will not be able to install new communications pathways which are essential to their business.

By maintaining and managing the riser systems, we lighten the load for the building operators therefore making their job easier. This service usually comes with no additional costs to the building owner/operator.


Audio-Visual requirements are constantly evolving and expanding. These technologies requested by our clients are new and powerful ways to communicate their ideas and express their vision. These goals require m+b to be on the forefront of the “next and best” in the audio-visual world. Our designers pride themselves in being front runners in these new technologies and being able to incorporate these standards into their designs.