Intelligent Building Systems

Intelligent Building Systems are integrated to promote a reduction in energy usage, and promote optimization by the occupants. They are characterized by a centralized building management system which is implemented to improve not only the comfort of the occupant, but to increase the efficiency of the buildings day-to-day operations.

This is accomplished through a combination of controls and sensors which provide input through a centralized communications network to ensure all components of the building are working together.

Intelligent Building Systems include such things as communications networks, heating/cooling/ventilation systems, lighting, energy metering, audio visual, digital signage, and security systems with intrusion detection and closed circuit television systems.

At m+b we believe that implementing Intelligent Building Systems increases the overall satisfaction of the occupant. Therefore, we have ensured our designers have been properly informed, and are kept current regarding the “next and best” in Intelligent Building Systems.

Our designers have the capability to implement Intelligent Building Systems in any capacity, whether the implementation is taking place in a new building, or is being installed in a retrofit project.