Sustainability - LEED

As electrical engineers, we are always conscious of energy consumption. Many of our projects have attained LEED® Certification, and we have been fortunate to have seen these projects from conception through to completion, and certification. With LEED® AP Certified professionals on staff, we ensure m+b keeps up to date with the latest in green building innovations. We make a promise to ensure every project is designed with an effective and efficient electrical design, and if applicable, complies with LEED® scoring requirements.

By carefully selecting the right materials, equipment and systems we ensure we are making every project environmentally conscious, while providing cost and functionality benefits to the occupants/owners.

At m+b we also recommend employing smart lighting management systems. Using occupancy sensors in conjunction with other innovative tools and technologies to streamline electrical systems, we can ensure energy consumption is significantly decreased. By considering electrical design options such as Smart Technology, or Building Integration System, energy efficient lighting control options and/or LED lighting options into a project, which can enhance the suitability for the certification for LEED® goals, and further support the Sustainable Design Strategy set by the Client.

m+b is proud to have been involved in the very first LEED® Accredited Building in Calgary, and have continued to enhance our sustainable design efforts

As community members of not just Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta, or Canada, but the world, we consider environmental impacts to be everyone’s responsibility, and we must all work together to produce the most cost effective and efficient solution for all projects.