Lighting Design

At m+b we take the most innovative and interesting lighting design ideas and bring them to life. In working closely with the design team we are able to perform precise lighting calculations, work within strict design constraints, and design elegant lighting controls solutions.

We use the most up-to-date AGI or DiaLUX software to provide the most accurate lighting calculations possible. We take a holistic approach to lighting design and take a vast variety of metrics into consideration including glare, intensity, lighting distribution, color rending, etc. No matter how complex, our experienced staff provides detailed reports and renderings so that our clients have the confidence in our design.

At m+b, we consider lighting controls a quintessential part of the lighting and the user experience. Our designs balance lighting control with the need for lighting efficiency and user-friendliness. Through the use of lighting enhancements such as occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting sensors, intelligent building integration, sun shades or blinds, we offer a wide variety of lighting control solutions. Our team has the experience needed to design to the latest IES recommendations, LEED regulations, National Energy Code rules and even city-specific bylaws.