We have a New Associate Partner!



We are thrilled to announce that Gregory Pavlovich has been appointed as the new Associate Partner.

Gregory joined M+B in April 2023 as the newest Associate, bringing 22 years of experience in the electrical consulting industry.

Throughout his professional career, Greg has provided innovative solutions to clients of all sizes and industries across Canada. His approach to consulting involves close collaboration with clients and team members to understand specific requirements and expectations for each project, allowing him to develop custom solutions tailored to each project’s engineering, budget, and time-sensitive requirements, developing strategies with recommendations and solutions, followed by detailed engineering.

Greg has extensive experience in all aspects of consulting, from managing projects and people to managing design costs and schedules. He has a special focus on clean energies like Solar PVE System Net Zero and EV Solutions.

Gregory graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University and worked at M+B from 2005 to 2008 before moving to Vancouver.

As an Associate Partner, we believe that Gregory will continue to bring great value to our company. We are confident that with his leadership, our team will be better equipped to provide our clients with high-quality services. As we move forward, we look to continue building on our success and reaching new heights.


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