This project is a renovation of an existing high school of approximately 160,000 sq. ft. That was originally built in the 1960’s. This building has had several renovations throughout the years and has now a full renovation of the entire main campus school with renovations to the Fine Arts Building.
The power is distributed to the site as a primary metered service which extends to the main campus building and one other building at 13.8Kv from the utility. The new electrical service to the main building operates at 347/600V with additional electrical services to 2 other existing buildings are fed from the main campus building at 347/600v.
Specialty areas within the main campus school include an automotive mechanics shop, a welding shop, a woodworking shop, a gymnasium, and a full-service kitchen. This building also features systems such as a public address, single stage fire alarm, security, and state of the art emergency lock-down controls.
The Fine Arts Building upgraded the lighting technology to LED fixtures with an occupancy sensor control system. In addition, the fire alarm and security system were upgraded and connected to the main campus for video surveillance and lock-down requirements.

University of Calgary


Over the span of seven years, m+b completed several projects on the U of C campus. These projects included:
New Construction:

  •  Varsity Drugs: a on-campus drug store located in the MacEwan Student Centre. This project included the design of the lighting, power, communications and fire alarm systems. 
  • Renerts: a new administration offices which would be utilized for a tutorial service centre. 
  • Campus Ticket Centre: a new Ticketmaster office and campus ticket centre 
  • Jewellery Store: a new jewelry store located in McEwan Hall 
  • Microstore: a new campus computer and software store 
  • Words and Pictures: a new campus comic book store 
  • Bake Chef Company: a new food service retail unit in McEwan Student Center 
  • Conference Services: new conference rooms and administration offices in the McEwan Hall 
  • Used Book Store: new campus used book store 
  • Career Services: new administration offices designed for career services 
  • Health Plan Offices: new administration offices designed for health services 
  • McEwan Student Centre and Student Union Administration: new administration offices for the student organizations 
  • NUTV : a new television studio, editing rooms, and administration offices for the local television broadcast. 
  • CJSW: a new radio studio, editing rooms, and administration offices for the local radio broadcast.


  • Campus Core Renovation: a complete renovation of the campus arcade and pool hall.

Mount Royal University Riddell Library and Learning Centre


The Mount Royal University Riddell Library and Learning Centre consist of a one level parkade, four levels of student resources, and a penthouse mechanical floor. The building includes all LED ambient and specialty lighting with DALI lighting control systems and latest audio/visual technology for areas such as speaker’s corners, training centres, instructional classrooms, etc. In addition, the building includes security and fire alarm safety systems which are networked and monitored back to the main control panels located within the main campus security control centre.

Medicine Hat College


Over the span of seven years, m+b performed extensive work on the Medicine Hat College. The project started with a 75,000 sq.ft. expansion to the main floor which houses the Vera Bracken Library, the second and third floors which is dedicated to information systems technology classrooms, and an IT support and campus data centre.
This project was  followed by two separate student residences which were built for the college. The Brooks Campus Student Residents (32 unit) and a MainCampus Student Residence building (100 units), which was located in the north east  corner of the campus.
In addition, several upgrades/renovations were performed at the campus. – C Wing Central Core Fire Alarm Upgrade – C Wing Central Core Renovation which included a 21, 000 sq.ft. renovation of the vacated (previous) Vera Bracken Library, and the administration office – C Wing Cafeteria Renovation which consisted of a 30,000 sq.ft. renovation where a new main entrance, campus store, and cafeteria was constructed. – S and L Wing Renovations a 10,500 sq.ft. renovation where the classrooms located in these wings were upgraded, and a few select classrooms wereconverted into office space. – S Wing Learning Centre which was a 5,200 sq.ft.  classroom renovation, half of which included audio visual learning capability additions. – L Wing Renovations Phase 1/Phase 2 consisted of over 28,000 sq.ft. of renovations to various chemistry and biology labs, including a new green house.
Our seven year time at this campus was wrapped up with a roadway and parking project which included adding new site lighting and power distributionfor new road configurations and parking expansions. – S Wing Learning Centre where

Lethbridge College High Voltage Network Master Plan


We were engaged to formulate a complete medium voltage Network Master Plan in 2007 in conjunction with the Lethbridge College Building Master Plan.To allow this, there was a complete review, condition report and recommendations for the medium voltage network distribution for the campus. An assessment of equipment, cables and connections, detailing expected life analysis and existing safety concerns were conducted. This included preparation of initial budget estimates and high level schedule for the replacement of these systems and anticipating future growth and expansion capabilities.After our evaluation of the high voltage distribution systems we recommended that all the remaining load break elbows be removed and some of the cable systems be replaced with new cables. The new cable systems passed through the un-used manholes and permanent connections, and were able to be accessed through the existing manholes. In all locations the elbows were removed and an above grade ‘pad mounted’ switching cubicle was installed.The switching cubicle facilitated the isolation points for the ring system and for the individual buildings they feed. The above grade switches provide an easy access for both maintenance and emergency situations combined with a safer environment for staff to operate this equipment. The number of cubicles was consolidated to a minimum to reduce connections, thus reducing the risk to the integrity of the system.