Kahanoff Tenant Fit-Out


Kahanoff Centre Phase II is a new building addition to the existing Kahanoff centre. It is a 12-storey commercial building which has been completed in 2016. m+b as the base building electrical engineer was engaged to be a part of the tenant build out project. There are a total of seven tenants in the project which includes United Way, Nature Conservancy, Horizon Housing, Alberta Law Foundations, HRIA, CCVO, and Calgary Foundation. Electrical design included lighting system, power distribution, security system, communications system, Audio Visual rough-ins and power requirements, and fire alarm system. The lighting design for Calgary Foundation’s space was completed to accommodate the minimalistic design that the interior designer and Calgary Foundation had envisioned. The feature stairs interconnecting 11th and 12th Floor and the boardroom with wood panels look spectacular with the light fixtures installed. There is also a 30 feet wide fire shutter installed on the 12th Floor as part of the stair design.

Calgary Municipal Building


The Calgary Municipal Building, which was completed in 1984, houses City of Calgary personnel. It consists of 14-storeys, with a 12-storey atrium, which is adjacent to a 4-storey existing structure on the north side (known as the Administration Building), and a historical sandstone structure (known as Historic City Hall). These three interconnected buildings are known as the Calgary Municipal Complex(CMBC). Since the original construction, there has been a major renovation to the Administration Building with a complete interior removal and reinstallation of all electrical lighting, distribution, fire alarm and security systems. The next major renovation was a complete interior removal and reconstruction of the Historic City Hall, with the installation of new electrical lighting, distribution, fire alarm, and security systems.In 2003, a new fire alarm system replacement occurred. New fire alarm sequences for signals/visual signals, automated voice messaging,and smoke management were incorporated into the system. Also inclusive in this replacement project was a new remote command centre which was designed in the building operations centre. In 2004 the existing security system was upgraded and expanded to provide an enhanced security access control system. In 2005 the existing lighting within the building was upgraded to more energy efficient lighting. In 2013, m+b provided a new emergency generator, elevator modernization, replacement of obsolete electrical distribution, and other major repairs in response to the flood. In 2016 the Historic City Hall exterior renovation commenced and m+b is providing new exterior lighting, lighting controls, and security cameras.

Williams Energy Tenant Improvement


This project was to create a new state of the art office space for Williams Energy. Their office space covers two floors totalling 44,000 sq.ft. The space includes open concept office space, and staff cafés which act as collaborative spaces or a places for break our sessions. The office space makes use of occupancy sensors to encourage energy savings. This space also employs the concept of task lighting to supplement lighting levels as requested. These lighting features accompanied by the open concept makes this space very welcoming and unrestricted.

Vermilion Tenant Improvement


Vermilion Energy required a new layout for their workspace, which covered six floors and over 130,000 sq.ft. in Centennial Place. This workspace achieved LEED CI Gold certification for its sustainable design and construction.

Kahnoff Centre Renovation


The new 12-storey addition to the east of the previous 11-storey Kahanoff Centre in downtown Calgary is the new home to Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (“DJD”), who occupy the first six floors. DJD’s space houses seven new dance studios, and includes a 200 seat performance theater. Kahanoff Centre’s expansion also extended the current facility to provide more space for charities on floors 7-12.The integration of the two buildings into one posed challenges to m+b, as all electrical and mechanical components needed to be integrated. The building is in a flood plain, and therefore one electrical room located on the first floor is designed to feed both towers. A new emergency generator on the roof of the new tower also serves both buildings. Refeeding the existing emergency and normal power distribution was challenging.The new tower is classified as a high-rise building and therefore the fire alarm system of the previous building required upgrades to meet standards and codes.

Gowlings LLP Tenant Improvement


This project included the complete renovation of four floors in the Canada Trust Tower in downtown Calgary. There was over 10,000 sq.ft. of corporate meeting room and boardroom space which had specialty lighting and controls installed throughout.

Devon Canada


Tenant improvement of over 480,000 sq.ft. of office space in Devon Tower, includes reception, enclosed offices, meeting rooms, serveries, wiring closets, file storage rooms, elevator lobbies, washrooms, interconnecting stairs, conference and training facilities, a fitness facility, data centre and mail room.
The project also included movable partition wall systems, for which we designed “plug and play” power and communications systems. This“plug and play” design allows for diverse flexibility to make partition layout changes simple and inexpensive compared to traditional fixed partition systems.
The lighting design incorporated energy efficient linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent and LED light sources. Lighting control was via the base building low voltage relay lighting control system.
Design of the communications system included layout of the wiring closet on each floor and horizontal cabling from the wiring closet to consolidation points throughout the floor. Vertical copper and fiber interconnects from floor to floor and to the data centre were also included. The consolidation points were connected to the workstation outlets for both voice and data through “plug and play” transition cables.
The data centre design included:
A pre-action fire suppression system complete with a fire alarm control panel integrated into the base building fire alarm system for both alarm and smoke control. Multiple UPS systems which provided redundant power supplies to the server equipment. Server racks with in-row cooling, serviced by a small chiller plant integrated with the building tenant cooling system. Interconnecting communications cabling infrastructure between server racks.

City Centre Conference Centre


The conference centre was developed to accommodate all building tenants. The main boardroom was divisible by a patrician allowing  for flexible meeting space. Two other meeting rooms were also incorporated into this space. All meeting rooms were designed with their own independent technology. This technology included lighting settings and permanent shading (both controlled by a wall mounted panel), screens, audio-visual components, and large monitors imbedded into the walls. The space needed to be flexible, so all rooms were designed to be reconfigured with their surrounding spaces.

Calgary Public Building


The Calgary Public Building is an 80,000 sq.ft. historical renovation of the City of Calgary building. The renovation was done  to bring the electrical systems up to the current standards of electrical operation. Coordination with the Architect and the City of Calgary was required to ensure facilities were able to house the new electrical equipment and risers, while maintaining existing systems for occupied spaces within the building.  This project is applying for LEED Platinum for commercial interiors.

Calgary Presentation Centre


The Calgary City Center Presentation Center is located on the main floor of the Jamieson Tower and was developed as a marketing and conference space for the construction of Calgary City Center in 2010, which has now been built across the street by Cadillac Fairview. It is approximately 3000 sq.ft., complete with small café area, guest washroom, seating area, and conference room. The space featured a video wall and illuminated filmed glass wall.